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Another one by Sencie

I Love Stampin' Up! Ribbon!

Well I sent out an email yesterday with information about a ribbon share, and obviously I had done something not quite right. It was missing all the text I had written and put the chart twice in the email- when I sent a preview to me it was just how I wanted it to look, but when it went out it looked goofy- coming from me that probably doesn't surprise most of you. Here is the info I was trying to get out to everyone!

I love all of Stampin' Up!'s new ribbons and want to make sure that you are able to have some of each kind and color! This is a great way to get the coordination that Stampin' Up! is famous for without having to put a lot of money into a bunch of ribbon.

All ribbon can be found on page 190 of the new Fall/Winter Collection.

# Colors


# yards



Taffeta Ribbon (2 yards of each color)




5/8 “ Grosgrain (3 yards of each color)




¼ inch Grosgrain (3 yards of each color)




Gingham (3 yards of each color)




Double Stitched Ribbon

(3 yards of each color)



As soon as each club has 5 participants, I will order the ribbon, cut it to length and mail it via US mail to all the participants. Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, and Discover accepted.

There's no on-going commitment -- just pay the one-time fee and get your ribbon once I have 5 members in your chosen club!

Interested in being a part of the Ribbon Share just contact me or