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Playing in our own backyard!


My son turned 15 last week and his dream in life is to become a pilot, so I called one of the young guys in our town that I knew was a pilot and had access to a plane to see if it was possible to go flying. This was a surprise for Andrew (my son) but I think the biggest surprise was mine. Andrew was allowed to take the controls on the plane and we flew all over our own backyard! It was incredible- as you can see my backyard is pretty amazing! What a wonderful place to live. Andrew told me it was the best present he ever got! Now his dream is even more of a reality- the pilot talked to him about taking lessons- I told him lets get your drivers license first and then we'll talk about a pilots license. He has been taking driver's ed this summer- it is amazing how fast they grow up!

Here are some more pictures I took:

This is picture of our house we are the one with the RV parked in front of it. Our house sits way back on the lot so we have a pretty big front yard. As you can see from the picture we live right in town close to the main street.


Here he is back on the ground! What a great day.


This picture was taken from the airport after we landed- amazing!