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Thanksgiving Table Decorations


We are having Thanksgiving with my husband's family this year- I am in charge of making the desserts- pumpkin pie, apple pie and cheesecake. My sister in law is going to make mince meat pie- I have never made that nor have I had the desire too! I remember my mom making it when I was younger- but I am sure the only people that ate it were my dad and my grandma, they were also fans of fruitcake. As a kid I thought it sounded disgusting and wondered why anyone would want a meat pie! I am sure it probably taste great-but I am not willing to waste any space this Thanksgiving and try it. My sister in law loves to decorate the Thanksgiving table and this year I decided to help her. As you can see I used my Big Shot for these projects. I love the paper too! I made the napkin ring with the Top Note die cut and the leaves #2 die, the pouch box- which I am going to stuff with either dinner mints or chocolate, and then I just cut a bunch of the leaves in the different papers to "sprinkle around the table.

100_4814  100_4815 

If you want to see them bigger click on the picture to see them up close and personal.