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My New Year's Goals

I was browsing some blogs this morning and came across this project by Mary Fisher and knew I needed one similar to it. I have never journaled my goals for the New Year- but this year is different. I have a set of goals that I want to do- I am ready for the challenge and actually feel prepared to start! . I used some of the new Designer Series papers in the upcoming Occasions Mini Catalog- this one is called Sweet Pea and it is wonderful


Like Mary I plan to use my journal for notes- and photos as I accomplish each goal! 

Here is my list of goals: 

 Stampin up 010

Run in the Woman's Run-  I was attempting to run in the Fun Run last year but my pacemaker sidelined me- I have a training plan now and this year will run!

Eat Healthier- this is an every year goal- I will just keep plugging away

Make my TOPS weight goal- I have about 30 pounds to go- which to me doesn't sound so bad! I really think I can accomplish this within the year- but then the hard part is keeping it off!

Exercise- I have to do this to make my other goals- 

Stamp for fun! I do this already but I am always game for more fun! I also want to mail some of the cards I made this year- that seems to be the hard part.

Expand my Stampin' Up! Business- I took a lot of time off this year and I can tell! I really enjoy my "job" so this should be fun too!

Learn more computer skills- I took a class in December about social networking and I can't believe how much I learned about the computer and how it really can save me time- if I would just spend less time seeing what every one else is stamping :)- but that goal is for a different year! 

Make more Stampin' Up! videos- One of my homework assignments for the class I took was to do a video and put it on You Tube- as you can tell I did that- it isn't the best produced or taped- but it is me- unorganized and scatterbrained, but I love to show other people things they can do with stamps, ink and paper- so I can see this being a fun way to share! 

I have a few other goals I forgot to put in my book- but they are all financial so they aren't as much fun! Things like planning for a kid in college and retirement (someday). 

I would love to hear what some of your New Year's goals are so please post a comment and let me know- I will be putting all the names in a hat and drawing for a kit to make your own journal- so it could be worth your time.

Enjoy your New Year Celebration tonight- but please be careful! I will be spending it with a bunch of teenagers playing Rock Band! It has become a tradition and I love it!