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3 things they won't teach you at Michael's or Hobby Lobby

 Here are the 3 things they won't teach you at Michael's or Hobby Lobby:

  • How to use the tools they sell
  • New techniques to do with stamps, ink and paper
  • How to laugh and have a good time

The great thing about Stampin' Up! is that when you buy your craft supplies, you not only get great quality products & a 90 Day also have access to me - you can pick my brain for ideas & inspiration, I can show you how to use your tools & so much more!!

Of course there are other great aspects about shopping with Stampin' Up! - you don't have to leave home to shop! I can bring the shop to you in the form of a workshop, or you can browse the catalog at your leisure & order online whenever you like.

One great thing about being my customer is that you receive the monthly newsletter jam packed with projects & inspiration - and you can get a catalog for free,  plus mini catalogs on a quarterly basis and information about promotions too.

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