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My Digital Studio works great for insommnia!

I woke up last night- a little panicked about Hannah's upcoming graduation. I plan to make her announcements- and have gotten a little info from her along the way about what she wants. I have been using My Digital Studio to design cards- this is great because my stamp room doesn't get messier because it is all done on the computer, once I have what I want then I can decide to print it  or make a mess in my stamp room and make the design from paper, ink and stamps! I have tried a few things lately and they just weren't what Hannah wanted for her announcement. 

Here is one sample:

 Hannah2-001 Hannah2-002 Hannah2-003 

 Cover Inside

She didn't want it to be traditional - that is pretty obvious from the colors she likes! She also wanted to make sure it had the class motto in it. She also wants them to be made from paper and not printed from the computer. It was not that she didn't like this- she loved the colors but wanted a few changes. 

So back to last night at approximately 2 am I lay awake thinking about her announcement- I had a plan in my head of what I think she would like- I laid there for awhile and finally decided to just get up and put the plan into action. I stamped, cut, folded, taped, etc. until about 3:30 am. I was pretty proud of my end result. So off to bed I went and on my way I placed the announcement on the kitchen counter where I knew she would see it.

SHE LOVED IT! I would share it with you but I am doing some announcements for her friends and she doesn't want them to see what hers looks like! She thinks they would want one just like it and she truly wants hers to be an original. Her friends will be originals too- because I will make sure they get what they are looking for! 

So this morning I was goofing around with My Digital Studio and came up with this graduation announcement:

Grad-001 Grad-002 Grad-003 

Cover Inside

This is more along the lines of what I would have chosen- the school colors are Night of Navy (Blue) and More Mustard (Gold).  

If you are interested in learning more about My Digital Studio- Click here! Or better yet get a hold of me by email: or call me (406)446-1103 and I can help you!

Interested in having me design invites or announcements for you- I can do that to0. 

Have a great day!