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Stampin' Up!'s Bombs Away Birthday- Sarcasm at it's Finest!

Post by Dave B. Catalog Designer

Before we get down to business, there are a few things you should know about me. First, I am a hopeless cynic. We may be taught that every cloud has a silver lining, but the first time it rains that silver lining is going to get all sorts of tarnished—am I right? (Disclosure: I'm not a professional jeweler, and there's a good chance that that statement is completely false.) Instead, I prefer to look for life's little ironies to keep me amused and content.

Second, when I'm in a group, I tend to sit back and observe, quietly making mental notes. Then, when the opportune moment arrives, I drop a bomb of sarcasm on the unsuspecting folk (hopefully eliciting laughs and not scornful looks). With this preface in mind, I'd like to drop our next photopolymer stamp set on the world—Bombs Away Birthday.

Stampin' Up! Bombs Away Birthday

Stampin' Up! Bombs Away Birthday 1

The bomb can work in conjunction with any of the greetings. Stamp it on the front of your card, and the fuse has been lit. Open it up, and the punch line pops.

Stampin' Up! Bombs Away Birthday 2

This particular greeting was inspired by my mom, whose doll collection lines the shelves of the guest bedroom where my wife and I frequently stay—gazing down at us with their hollow eyes while we sleep. But just in case your mom happens to collect souvenir spoons or ceramic roosters, I decided to leave it customizable.

Popular music is one of the great road markers in life. For example, I first realized I was no longer a spring chicken when all my favorite bands were featured in one of those music compilation infomercials. ("Own all the biggest Alt Rock hits of the 90s on two incredible discs!") This led me to come up with an unconventional gift card holder to spotlight a pair of my favorite greetings from the set. 

Stampin' Up! Bombs Away Birthday 3

Head down to your local thrift store to choose from the rows and rows of used cassettes (or maybe you still have a box of them collecting dust in your garage). Obviously the key is to find an album that holds special significance between you and the person you are giving it to. 

Stampin' Up! Bombs Away Birthday 4

An iTunes gift card would be perfect for someone whose music tastes are, shall we say, less than current? But the icing on the cake comes when the album art can be re-used in a strategic way. (Can I get a witness, George Michael?)

Stampin' Up! Bombs Away Birthday 5

Most people tend to have a love/hate relationship with birthdays (love when they're young, hate as they get older). Hopefully the Bombs Away Birthday Stamp Set will make you (or someone you know) chuckle while keeping an eye on that increasingly tarnished silver lining. 


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