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Stampin' Up! Pom Poms Made easy Tutorial
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Stampin' Up! has brought so much to my life!

I am feeling pretty grateful today for having Stampin' Up! in my life. Last week I took a road trip with 5 other women~ we drove 9 hours one way to Salt Lake City to spend the day at the Distribution Center for Stampin' Up! 

Stampin up 3

 This is a few of us after we'd been together for 26 hours~ we're laughing~ we doo that alot!

Salt lake city

This is a picture of the Distribution Center- it is such a beautiful building inside and out! 

Salt lake city 2

I am getting ready to leave for our incentive trip~ to Fiji! What an incredible opportunity! As I was packing today I was thinking about everything Stampin' Up! has brought into my life~ but mostly about the wonderful relationships I have built along the way!  I can't thank you all enough for letting me and my addiction into your lives. I look forward to continuing on this wonderful journey~ See you when I get back!

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