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I'm back from Greece and I can't thank you enough!

Here are just a few pictures of my trip to Greece and Italy. I can't thank you all enough for supporting my business, this was an incentive trip with Stampin' Up! and I wouldn't have been able to go without your support. It was a trip of a life time! 
Santori, Greece
This is Santorini, Greece. To get to the city you either had to walk the path of switchbacks, take a donkey or ride a cable car! It was truly as beautiful as the picture below shows. The blue domes on the white buildings are incredible to see in person. Santori, Greece

The picture below was taken at the Pantheon. It is a terrible picture of me- but honestly, I don't take very good pictures and this is typical. I took my daughter on this trip- it was a place on her bucket list! She plans to go back someday and spend more time.The Pantheon

the Pantheon

Our view upon our return to Rome. We stayed close to the Colosseum and spent a few days touring around Rome on our own.  

The Coliseum