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Stampin' Up! A Child Is Born
Stampin' Up! Christmas Means More

This week I became a Million Dollar Achiever... thanks to you


  This week I became a Million Dollar Achiever with Stampin' Up! I was the 43rd person to hit that mark. It is such a big thing that I received a call from Sara Douglas the following morning. We laughed, we cried, and we talked about the best parts of Stampin' Up! We talked about the relationship with people that we have developed over the years.

    When I became a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, my kids were preschoolers, and I had just got into scrapbooking our lives. I reluctantly went to the "party" because I didn't really care to be pressured to buy something from a catalog of products I didn't think I would need. It was when the demonstrator put ink to paper that I knew I was hooked. Little did I know how that moment changed my life and also the life of my family! When I signed up, I planned on giving it 6 months to get everything I needed at a discount. That was 24 years ago. So many things have happened during that time.

    Shortly after becoming a demonstrator, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. One night, I was stamping thank you cards for people who had helped us during this trying time in our lives. I told him I would quit being a demonstrator as I knew we had so many other things to deal with. His question to me was, "Why would you quit doing something that gives you so much joy?" Over the years, Les was my biggest supporter and cheerleader. One year for Christmas, he turned "his" garage into my stamp room. I was able to teach classes in the comfort of our home.
Our family took trips over the years that we wouldn't have taken. Sometimes Les went with and sometimes he chose to stay home. He didn't really care for cruise ships and water. However, in the summer of 2019, Les did go on the Alaskan cruise with Stampin' Up! and realized that cruise ships were actually kind of fun. He couldn't swim, and that was a significant barrier to getting on a boat. His favorite activity was getting an ice cream cone anytime he wanted. Les and a kid about 11 spent quite a bit of time seeing who could eat the most. I had already earned the next incentive trip that year, and on our way home, he said he'd like to go to Hawaii after all. This was coming from a guy who didn't take much time off work. We owned an Auto Parts store in a small town, and people depended on him. It was also his hobby.

    Over the years, my hobby helped us pay some bills, help the kids with college, and allow us to do some fun things that wouldn't have been in the budget. However, the most important thing it did was introduce me to some of the best people out there. Stampers are just good people! We love to create and share our creations with others. When Les passed away in January of this year, I was blown away by the support we received from people worldwide. We had a service for him at the local high school- he indeed was a hometown hero! The gym was packed. I was overwhelmed when several customers and demonstrators came to the service. Many drove several hours, and one special demonstrator flew in from Texas. I will forever be grateful for their friendship over the years. Honestly, the best part of being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator is the relationships you make with the people you meet.

I want to thank you for your support over the years and especially this year. I hope you share your love of crafting with those near and dear to you. I look forward to spending more time in the coming year sharing my love of Stampin' Up! with all of you!